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CNG Conversion Kit in Pune
  Should I convert to CNG or LPG ?

Why you should convert:

The conversion is absolutely safe when done at a qualified government authorized retrofittment center (such as Suman Enterprise). There is no welding involved and no fundamental changes to the body structure.
Petrol option is retained so your vehicle turns into a "green" very low polluting duel fuel hybrid.
As petrol option is retained your range in not effected. i.e. you can travel irrespective of availability of CNG / LPG along the route.
Growing number of CNG / LPG pumps
Finally, it saves you (and the nation) lots and lots of money.


The Conversion Procedure for installing CNG kit
The process of converting a petrol driven vehicle to use CNG is divided into five parts:

Part I - CNG Kit Fitment
Install all electrical connections and wiring connected with the CNG kit,
Complete all mechanical installations of the CNG kit
CNG Cylinder support in the trunk
This is followed by lifting the vehicle to install the high pressure CNG pipe. Throughout the process, the Q.C. sheet is filled while monitoring the technician performing each task.

Part II - CNG Leakage Testing
A primary leakage test is conducted using a pressurized cylinder, that raises the pressure to around 120 BAR. All the CNG gas connection and links are tested using soap solution and the test pressure and results are recorded in the Q.C. sheet. The CNG cylinder valve is set to the “open” position and the pressure gage pointer is checked to zero reading. Afterwards, the filling process is done.

Part III - Gas Filling
Filling up the vehicle with CNG takes place in the CNG station closest to the conversion centre, whatever it was in the same location or not. The technician in charge attends the filling process, to ensure no leakage exists and to record the filling pressure. During the filling process, another leakage test is conducted.

Part IV - Government inspection and approval
The vehicle is taken to the nearest R.T.O for government inspection and approval. The government officials inspect the CNG kit and all equipment connected with it. If necessary they might take a test drive to ensure the CNG Kit is perfectly fitted. On successful approval, the customers vehicle registeration booklet is stamped by the R.T.O.

Part V - Customer Education
After performing the CNG operation tuning, a preliminary explanation of the parts, safety procedure and accident procedure is given to the client. The procedure to follow in case of CNG operation failure is clarified to the client.

The client receives all the relevant documents connected with the conversion along with our latest list of CNG filling stations.

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